2014 Awards Dinner

2014 Awards Dinner

The annual awards dinner, the most important event of the year for Finch Coasters as the night when the hard work, the sweat, the mud, the bramble scratches and nettle stings are all forgotten about because you get to have something nice and shiny, and everyone likes nice shiny things don’t they.

An amazing night was had at the Walter Arms organised by Becky, (thanks Becky!) where food was eaten, wine, beer and other choices drinks were consumed in various levels of over-exuberance.  Tales were told, stories listened to and rubbish was generally spoken about until the Chairman requested that everyone politely shut up and started handing out the awards.

The awards for this year in no particular order or relevance are as follows:

Fastest 10k Female:  Jo Widdup in a fleet footed 42 minutes and one second coming in 8th lady at the Shinfield 10k

Fastest 10k Male:  Andy Stay in a blistering time of 35 minutes and 25 seconds coming in 7th overall at the Shinfield 10k

Most improved Runner: Andy Yarrow, knocking a cheeky 4 minutes and 40 seconds off of his previous 10k time

Best Cross Country Female Attendance: Jo Widdup (Melissa attended the same amount but got pipped on results)

Best Cross Country Male Attendance: Damian Holmwood (Rhodri was beaten again on results)

 Now for the important awards:

Most likely to hit that strava section hard:  Rhodri who is known to stalk people on Strava so he can figure out how to beat them and be “King of the Mountain”

Most likely to Facebook, tweet and generally big it up on social media:  Paul Jenkins, tweets so much, Bill Oddie and Chris Packham have both bagged him as a find.

Most committed to club colours and run in them all the time:  Ruth Cook, maybe its because she loves yellow?

Most likely to organise his own race:  Dave Jones in recognition of the first ever finch half marathon who needs an organised half marathon when you can set one up in 36 hours.

Longest injury of the year award:  Rebecca Wood, 6 months out and still counting although she is on the mend now.

Most likely to have an accident:  Melissa Pinder for her ability to find the easiest way to fall over, hurt herself or generally end up on the floor.

Most likely to miss a deadline:  Nathy Feely for his misunderstanding of the Gregorian calendar

Fastest time over the finch charity mile course for a female:  Emily Marshall, who did a recce of the route first to get the fastest line through the corners

Fastest time over the finch charity mile course for a male:  Paul Mackenzie, the look of determination on Paul’s face was enough for everyone to see he meant business

Most likely to rebel on a Tuesday night:  Stephen Wood who never did what he was told as a kid.

Photos of the night are available right about here.

Oh you naught internet monkeys, looks like you are being cheeky.  Check out the photos here instead.  Click on me