2 days to go ....

2 days to go ….

OK, who couldn’t sleep last night? Yep we couldn’t either because we were all as excited as children on Christmas Eve waiting for the big man in red to arrive. This time tomorrow it will be less than 12 hours to go.

Top tips for tomorrow.

1) Do not wear your winter running gear by mistake
2) Man-keenies whilst funny on other people do not look good on you
3) Make sure you drink lots of water before during and after
4) Put some tan sun lotion on
5) Please do not play Pokemon Go whilst running unless you are on the yellow team
6) Wear your nicest running top
7) Maybe even wear a hat
8) Be nice to the marshalls unless they are not smiling, then you can tell them to stop being grumpy.
9) Be excellent to each other
10) and party on …..